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Hello  I'm 

Signature script 'Sharell' representing the personal touch and artistic identity of Sharell Benson.

I know what it is like to bring a rescue animal home and not understand their behavior. What are they trying to tell me? Do they feel safe? Do they need something more from me?

I am an animal communicator and artist. Let's talk to your animal and get answers about your frustrations. Let's start building the deep bond you are longing to create through a phone reading with me.

"I had a 25 minute reading with Sharell for my newly adopted dog, Sedona. Her reading left me with the wonderful feeling of Sedona having a special message and purpose to share with me in this life. I am so appreciative of Sharell helping me feel a deeper connection with my furry companion."

Erica L.

Sharell Benson, animal communicator and artist, smiles with her pet parrot perched on her finger, showcasing the deep bond between humans and animals.
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