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Wild Icelandic Horses



Feel the love forever. My first oil portrait was of my Mom's cat, Miffy, who came to live with me. I was heart broken when Miffy passed on and wanted a painting to remember her lessons...and sweetness, too. I enjoy painting animals, but my real love is painting the connection of animals with their human in a special moment.


As an animal communicator, my relationship to painting has changed. I connect with the animal's spirit and create their presence in paint. I am still working on how to do this--adding dashes of color, making their eyes more expressive or maybe it is the colorful background that shows their "true colors.".  I am using my intuition to know when MY lesson with this animal is completed.

Would you like a painting from me? Send me an email ( describing your animal with a photo(s) attached to initiate a conversation. You can choose from any size you wish. Framed or unframed. I will give you a quote for the final painting. You will approve the panel size and composition before I begin.

Commissions start at $225.00 for an 11 x 14 linen or 12 x 12 linen panel of one animal.

Add $100 for an additional animal or human included in the picture. (unless the 

additional animal or human is in the background).

I am open to commissions with complex compositions, such as when 2 -3 photos

are used for a single composition.

USPS costs for packaging and mailing are additional.

Upon completion of the painting, I will send a digital photo for final approval.

All charges including postage (if applicable) will be paid before delivery via Paypal

or a personal check.


"Claire unwrapped your painting 20 minutes ago. She just stopped crying. Everyone is sooo impressed. She loves it. Thank-you!"  


Tom M.

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