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Soulful connection: A little dog and owner share a day at the park, a vivid portrayal of human-animal bond.


Are you doting on your rescue animal, but they seem distracted or distant? Do you feel like you are not bonding with them in the way you dreamed of when you first brought them home? You are not alone. We put a lot of pressure on our rescue animals to return our love, instantly!


Sharell is an expert at finding out why your animal is reacting, instead of returning, the love. She has had these same doubts of not being the “right fit” with her own difficult to adopt animals.


She helps clients create the trusting bond they have been craving. Are you wondering about a behavior? Are you looking for greater harmony in your home? Would you love to have a deeper connection with your animal?


Book a reading for you and your animal now. You can choose from three options below. Press the orange button and schedule a date and time that work best for you. You will be asked to pay in advance via Paypal.  Contact me at with any questions you may have.

Soulful connection: Sharell communing with a cat, embodying the depth of communication in a 25-minute session.

Animals are all about unconditional love. Learn what your animal is asking for through their curious behaviors. This 25 minute reading includes answers to one of your questions. You will leave with a better understanding of your animal's behavior and their lesson for you.

I deliver raw data as pictures, words, quotes, and feelings that I receive intuitively from your animal.

​Cost $50.00

"Seva and I have had two readings with Sharell. Both times I have been so impressed with the messages that came through. My golden retriever, Seva, has a lot to say to me. Thank goodness Sharell is here to relay the information!


Right away, Seva showed Sharell a big black dog in the dog park. She wanted to explain an incident to me, and I'm so glad she did! No one was hurt, but it was so unlike my dog to be involved in a scuffle, it spooked me. Seva explained, through Sharell, that she gets overwhelmed when dogs rush her, especially in groups. She's a people dog and an only dog. Now that I understand what happened and what signs I can watch for, we'll be going back to run and play. I'm so happy that Sharell was here to relay that message for Seva. It allayed my concerns and will help me to help Seva at the park."  


Alida W.


READING-50 minutes
Soulful connection: Woman gently holding a black dog, symbolizing the depth of communication in a 50-minute session.

Animals mirror our emotions. If your animal's behavior has you concerned that you are not a good fit, this 50 minute reading is for you. A longer session helps delve into trust issues that may be coming up with your animal. Are the trust issues yours or the animals? Let's find out.

The longer session allows us to go deeper with the animal and ask two questions that you have for them. You will leave with a better understanding of your animal's behavior and renewed confidence in your relationship together.

I deliver raw data as pictures, words, quotes, and feelings that I receive intuitively from your animal.

Cost $80.00

"Our cat, Theo, suddenly started peeing on our bed several days in a row--we knew he was trying to tell us something. His food and litter hadn't changed and we had an all clear from the vet, so we reached out to Sharell and we are so glad we did! (It turned out that I wasn't telling him when I would return as I left the house). We haven't had a single accident since, but that's minor in comparison to what we gained from our session with Sharell. Our bond is deeper and so much more than I was expecting from my sweet boy and suprisingly myself, too. Sharell is so kind, intuitive and made a real connection. I am looking forward to our next call."

Erica P.

Three 25 minute Sessions
(or book 3 sessions and save)
Soulful connection: Dressage rider in a close moment with her horse, symbolizing the depth of communication in 3 sessions.

Are you planning to adopt an animal? Want to check in with them before you take them home. It is a great advantage to know about their personality in advance.

After you have had a chance to get acquainted, we will check in two more times to see to how your Soul Level lesson is progressing from the animal's perspective. This relieves the stress of wondering what they may want to feel more at home with you.

Cost: $125.00 for 3-25 minute sessions

"I was lucky to win a session with Sharell at a charity auction. The reading was fun and informative. With Sharell's help I was able to explain to Rangoon, my rescue racehorse, the plan for her new life as a sport horse. Since the reading, I immediately felt a deeper connection with Rangoon and a softness in her body. She has become more serious and engaged in our training sessions. I plan on using Sharell's services again." 

Amy W.

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