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Hello and Happy New Year! I was cocooning after the holidays. Just couldn't seem to get back to structuring my day. Until I signed up for on-line harmonica lessons, that is. They promised I could go from beginner to Boss. While I may never jam with a band, I can still have fun! The important thing is that the harmonica got my creative juices flowing. Energy started flowing and I started getting things done. My thoughts turned to the 3 ways that animals help us to be better. Better people you say? Animals are our partners. Isn't it weird how you select a particular dog or horse from a brief encounter. Your intuition kicks in and says, "This one." Make no mistake, they pick us. In every human-animal relationship there are challenges (positive and negative) along the way. These challenges are how the animal sets up your lesson. The challenge or behavior won't go away until you change, not the animal (sorry to give you this news)! That's the way your lesson works. They are working behind the scenes to make your life easier--if you are willing to listen. Here are the three ways that animals reveal the lesson for us: Mirroring This occurs when the animal is mirroring your emotions. A person can feel anxious and have an anxious cat that mirrors the same emotion that they feel in you. A horse may lack confidence, because their rider lacks confidence, too. Trust is another issue. If a person doesn't trust themselves, the dog (or horse) can show uncertainty or fear. Pay attention and notice if your animal is copying how you react. Animals can help us see ourselves, so we can make changes for the better. Modeling

his one is more complicated. This occurs when the animal is behaving the opposite of their human companion. The anxious person has the laziest, most chill cat. The man who lacks confidence has a dog so confident that it borders on aggressive. Some animals take this to the extreme to create change. They may develop an illness, so that their busy human will slow down and spend more time with them. This not only results in the human slowing down, but frequently creates a deeper bond with the animal, too. During an animal communication reading, I ask what Soul Lesson that the

animal is working on with their human. When I ask the next question, "What can your human do to work with you on this lesson?" I have heard more than once, "Watch me! Learn from me!"

Inspiring Animals are about evolving and unconditional love! Here is where animals shine. They don't have the same busy brains that humans have. They live in the present and know alot about playing. We can be inspired not only by our companion animals, but animals in the news, cat videos on YouTube or acrobatic squirrels in the park as some examples. Caution: You may feel a euphoric feeling of love and joy!!! Lean into this feeling and carry it with you.

My sun conure, Jukey, thinks life is a party. He is curious and happy everyday. If I am feeling down or scattered, I take a couple of deep breaths before I approach him. He deserves my undivided attention, so we can work on our lesson together. I appreciate how he invites me to be joyful. Sometimes he gets me to dance along to his favorite songs! He is truly my greatest teacher! I hope learning about the 3 ways animals help us will invite you to observe all the animals in the orbit of your life. They have so many ways of stopping our busy brains from working overtime. They make us be present with them and ourselves. Animals are our partners and teachers. They rarely get the credit they deserve for helping us be better.

Want to know the Soul Lesson that you and your pet are working on together? Book a session with me!

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