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Updated: Jan 31, 2023

As an animal communicator, the animals I connect with all have different experiences. Sometimes they are not socialized in the first weeks after birth. These animals may not want to be touched, but have other ways to show their love. I have met horses that look grumpy, but want to be "loved on" (their words, not mine) despite how they appear. Look for the unique love language your animal displays and know that you can always make your connection deeper.

Here are 5 ways that your animal shows love:

1. Looks into your eyes.

This is the big one. Humans tell me that they feel a connection with their animal(s) when they hold their gaze for a few seconds. In readings, many animals tell me that this is the behavior they use to connect with their human on the soul level.

2. Follows you around.

This is also demonstrating a connection with you. They are tuned into you and want to know what you are going to do next. If they are close to you; they are looking for you to notice their presence and respond with a few words or a touch. Or a treat!

3. Do things that make you laugh.

Animals frequently describe themselves as funny. Their human sometimes says, "Really?" After some thought, they remember antics their animal does to get a laugh and make them feel better. Animals do things to get us to live in the present moment. (If only we could remember this on our own).

4. Shows affection in their own language

Giving you "the look," hanging around you, asking for attention, rubbing up against you, touching you with their nose, paw or beak. Notice how they show affection in their own way. Depending on the species, it can be subtle. Love from my parrot is different than love from my cat.

5. Knows how to best challenge you.

This is the best way they bond with you. I always the love the animals that challenge me. The bad boys! Does this sound familiar? Animals are here to help us learn. The challenges they present to us make us pay attention and help to change our thinking. My cat, Fia, and I are both very independent. (This is called mirroring. More on this in another post). It is apparent, we are together to learn about the value of compromise. She was determined to go outdoors and I insisted on a leash. After many go rounds, we struck a compromise. She now goes outdoors unsupervised. When it is time for her to come back indoors and I am acting rushed or worried, she won't appear until I am chill. What an amazing cat! She makes me manage my own energy! This simple compromise with her has enriched both of our lives. She goes outdoors, I spend more time in the garden to be with her and we are enjoying a happy compromise while working on our soul lesson together.

Wondering what Soul Lesson that you and your animal are working on together? Book a 25 minute reading with me to learn more.

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