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  • Sharell Benson


Updated: Feb 8, 2022

At the Horse Crazy Market in December, I had several delightful conversations about the wisdom of horses. We agreed that horses knew what each person needed from them. Horses were gentle and patient with children and inexperienced horse lovers. They could act rambunctious and sassy with an experienced equestrian. We wondered how they could be so good at sizing us up. What sensor were the horses using to read us?

My shetland pony, Flicka, was a little trickster, and unseated me with purpose. But she always stood waiting for me to dust myself off and get back on again. She helped me change fear into determination. Then determination into passion for riding. She had a knowing twinkle in her eye and a sassy countenance. As I remember all the lessons I learned from her, I recall how she changed my energy to align with her fearlessness. She knew what I was lacking and showed me how to be in companionship, be trustworthy and ride with abandon. Our relationship built with tiny steps from fear to best friends forever.

The magic of horses. Once they bridle us, we are theirs forever. They are our path-finders and confidantes. They carry us and our burdens, too. Their lesson is so simple--lead with a big open heart, view the world with soft kind eyes and be a good listener. They guide us without us knowing that they are the ones in charge...not us.

"Once they bridle us, we are theirs forever."

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