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Tell Your Horse, "I've Got Your Back!!!"

Be the Leader

Horses have our back. There are countless stories of how they heal the human heart…everyday. But, how do we show horses and other animals that we have their back? That we are there for them? I am an animal communicator and animals tell me how much they love it when their human is present to them--connecting and playing with them. They love us, but sometimes they don't respect us!!! Does that sound crazy? Read on!

Horses defer to humans when they step up to the leadership role. The world can be spooky for them, after all, they are prey animals and a lion may leap out of the ditch at any moment! (I had a horse that learned to trust that ditches were safe). Think about the fact that their eyes are on the side of their head. They can't see anything coming from the front. Our role is to be neutral and observe anything that could spook them based on your experience with them and help them overcome their fear. Become the calm leader they want to trust (even if you need to take a few deep breaths to calm yourself). The act of stepping up on their behalf, and not forcing action, makes them trust that you are looking out for them.

I watched two excellent trainers at the MN Horse Expo in May demonstrate how to show leadership. One used “distractions” in the audience, citing a man in a shiny wheelchair on the aisle. The other created “distractions” by shaking a garbage bag that the horse was afraid of initially. One trainer yelled “STOP” at the distraction. The act of yelling reminded me of a lead stallion stamping the ground and taking charge. The trainer with the garbage bag was neutral, but persistent in demonstrating that the rustling sound and the bag itself were nothing to be afraid of. The best advice offered was, when your horse presents its rump to you, simply put your hand on it, and say, “I've got your back.” The energy of the arena collectively sighed into the possibility of it. It was apparent that we all could use that reassurance.

Show Them and Tell Them

The Soul Lessons that I deliver as part of my animal communication readings reveal what your animal is working on with you. I hear lessons such as: “Speak up,” “Be confident,” “Take time to play,” just to name a few. These phrases come directly from the animal. They are asking their human companion to be a leader in their own life! I think we should lean into these lessons by being our best self around all animals. Respect them. Comfort them. Explain about the garbage bag they hate. Shout at the mailbox with the red flag. You will know what to do.

Go ahead, tell them; say it out loud,

"I've got your back!!!"

Interested in learning the Soul Lesson your animal is working on with you? Book a reading with me!

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