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Fia Has a Goal! The cat I adopted 3-1/2 years ago has opened my mind to allowing animals to become their best selves. Our connection started with aloof detachment and grew into a deep trusting bond as I became a Soul Level Animal Communicator®. My role used to be the food provider and the service person that tossed balls to chase. Now I am her trusted companion who delights at accommodating her whims as directed.

Fia was distinctive as she lounged in her cube at Angel of Hope Rescue. She had the presence of an Empress. She held her head high; she was above antics to get attention. Her description said she was still working on her personal best for playing. Wow! A cat with goals! An Empress! I was so smitten; I took her home after holding her squirming body for only five seconds.

She Made a Vow It didn’t take long to discover that she had made a vow to always be in control. Like every other cat, you say! Not so fast! This one had BIG energy. She was playing harder, rougher, and had more stamina than any animal alive. At 14 months old she was a cat/puppy. She chewed and destroyed blankets, sheets, socks and more. I realized that her vow to be in charge had turned her into a force of nature. Frankly, I began to wonder if I was enough for her. Did she need something I couldn't provide? Her discontent saddened me. And then, the worst thing happened.

I Went on Vacation and So Did She!! Yikes!! I started packing for a kayak trip in Alaska. Two days before my departure, Fia pushed the screen out of a second story window, and made an escape. I was crazy with worry that I would never see her again!! Seven days into my trip I had a feeling of relief and my intuition told me that she was safe. As it turned out, that very day she approached a woman, who took her to the local animal pound. SHE WAS SAFE and even from Alaska I felt a change in her! (Animals don't have to be present for a reading with an animal communicator).

Fia Taught Me to Be Aware and Respect Her Wishes I have rescued Fia twice--once from animal rescue and the second time from the local pound after her “vacation” near coyote territory. When she came home, she was a different cat. I had proven myself as her rescuer and she was now willing to work with me.

I learned to watch and listen. Sometimes she told me things, but mostly she used her teeth to stop an unwanted advance. I learned to respect when she welcomed attention and when it was time to let her be. And you know what? She stopped chewing and being destructive! My awareness and respect for her has reaped huge benefits. While she is still The Empress in control, I now feel her contentment. It makes me smile to know that I am the rescued one.

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